Roof Painting

Don’t underestimate the value of a good looking roof. You wouldn’t go out to a posh function in your veldskoens and dirty khakis. So why would you invite your friends and business acquaintances to your home when its looking decidedly grubby?

Well of course image counts, but more importantly you should be looking at the damage that can be done to your dwellings structure when it isn’t maintained. By using high quality coatings you can extend your roofs life and save yourself expensive repairs by keeping water out and insuring that your walls and roof rafters don’t become channels for damaging water.

So whether you are contemplating a roof make over for vanity or practical reasons give us a call as we are very experienced in roof painting. Of course we will give your roof a quick once over to see that there are no underlying maintenance issues that need urgent attention as well.

Th lifespan of your home depends on a healthy roof.

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