Torch on Indexing

The term flat roof is technically incorrect because all roofs need a slight runoff to direct water away. Unlike standard roofs, water isn’t deflected in a flat roof and it gradually makes its way in the direction that it is channeled to.¬†Therefore flat roof areas need to be waterproofed.

Torch on indexing is applied to an approved board or cement base and carefully joined to provide a waterproof layer so that water doesn’t penetrate the roof. Like other standard pitched roofing systems this solution is not designed to last for ever and the system may have to be replaced in time.

To prolong the life of your torch on indexing, you may have to paint it with a reflective covering or add another layer of reflective material. In some of our installations this has been gravel or small stones. This has been to create an aesthetically pleasing finish in an area that is overlooked by other parts of the property.

This is a job for specialists and we would love to discuss how we can tailor our solutions to your needs.


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